Development work: When people talk about development work, they want to express that one party or nation is developing something in a country that is undeveloped. We avoid this word, as we believe working on development and to develop something is only possibly hand in hand with the global south and north and must take place in both locations on the same eye level.


Development cooperation: We prefer the word development cooperation to development work, as it says that different parties are working together to achieve a certain goal. Through cooperating this goal can be achieved. Still, we do not use this word, as it implies that something needs to be developed, and this is in most people’s opinion the global south. exchange


Development worker: We do not use the word development worker for the same reasons we avoid the above words. It implies that a person is going to a certain country to develop it or a project. This is in our opinion wrong, as part of the working experience is developing skills and views the “development worker” is taking home to improve certain issues there to the satisfaction of the people in the global south and north.


Undeveloped country: We believe that there is nothing such as an undeveloped country. When we look at one country in the global south, it has as many areas the global north can learn from as the other way around. It is an exchange, all parties involved have their strength and weaknesses. Countries, people and institutions. Only if we accept that, we can work on the same eye level which ensures a successful cooperation.


Developed country: We believe there is nothing such as developed countries. All countries are constantly developing and changing.


Volunteership and volunteershiping: We find the idea interesting to use the terms volunteership and volunteershiping. It is a combination of volunteering and internship, which states that it is a giving and takeing, learning and teaching experience. In voluntourism there are unequal power relationships involved between paying and giving volunteers on the one side as well as the receiving and learning target groups (placements, people) on the other side. Too often volunteers travel with the expectations to help and be superior or better educated then the target groups they work for. This might be the case in English, math or computers but not in many other areas that first seem not to be as obvious. Actually we believe that independent from age and experience, the person traveling to work and support a project receives far more than he or she can ever give back.